Prof. Dr. Tarık Yonguç

Departments Urology
Locations İzmir Tınaztepe University Private Buca Hospital İzmir Tınaztepe University Private Galen Hospital

1994 Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine (Undergraduate)

2000 Pamukkale University, Urology (MA)

Academic Titles

Associate Professorship Date: April 1, 2016

Managed Master's and Doctoral Theses

Master Theses:

Dr. Salih Polat, Evaluation of overactive bladder symptoms and quality of life standards in the postoperative period of patients operated for urinary incontinence and/or pelvic organ prolapse, İzmir Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital, Department of Urology

2000-2001: Urology Specialist, PAÜTF Urology Clinic

2002-2005: Urology Specialist, Malatya Regional Hospital

2006-2008: Urology Specialist, Acıpayam State Hospital

2009-2012: Urology Specialist, Denizli Regional Hospital

2012-2016: Urology Specialist, İzmir Training and Research Hospital

2016-2020: Associate Professor Educational Assistant, Izmir Training and Research Hospital

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7.2. Articles published in other international peer-reviewed journals

Tarık Yonguç, Bozkurt Ibrahim Halil (2014). Male Genital Tuberculosis. Mycobacterial Diseases, 4(05), Doi: 10.4172/2161-1068.1000169

7.3. Articles published in national peer-reviewed journals

Memberships to Scientific and Professional Organizations

International Continence Society, Member , 2014

Urological Surgery Association, Member, 2014

Turkish Urology Association, Member , 2014

Continence Association, Member of the Extended Board of Directors, 2014


Turkish Society of Nephrology Best Paper Award Third Place, Turkish Society of Nephrology, 2013 Güçlü Aydın, Yonguç Gökşin Nilüfer, Dodurga Yavuz, Gündoğdu Gülşah, Güçlü Zühal, Tarık Yonguç, Adigüzel Esat The Effects Of Grape Seed On Apoptosis-Related Gene Expression And Oxidative Stress In Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats. Turkish Society of Nephrology 30th National Congress of Nephrology, Hypertension, Dialysis and Transplantation

Third Karl Storz Award for Best Poster Presentation, Karl Storz, GERMANY, 2013 Tarık Yonguç, Bozkurt Ibrahim Halil, Arslan Burak, Kozacioğlu Zafer,Gülden Ismail,Günlüsoy Bülent Comparison Of Two Different Techniques For Transobturator Tape Procedure With Concomitant Anterior Colporrhaphy: One Incision Versus Two Incision Technique.The Eau 9th South Eastern European Meeting (Seem)

Urooncology Rotational Assistant Training Scholarship, Astra Zeneca Oncology, 1997. Tarık Yonguç

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