Exp. Dr. Tarana Naghıyeva

Departments Internal Medicine
Locations İzmir Tınaztepe University Private Galen Hospital

2013-2017 Ege University Hospital, İnternal Medicine Faculty - İnternal Medicine Specialist

1999-2006 Azerbaijan Medical University - Medical Doctor

Nov 2019- Present Tınaztepe Galen Hospital. İzmir - İnternal Medicine Specialist

Dec 2018-Sep2019 Zeybek Medical Center. İzmir - İnternal Medicine Specialist

July 2018-September 2018 Egemed Hospital .Aydın - İnternal Medicine Specialist


Objective :

Disciplined and confident İnternal Medicine Physician. Experience in hospital and clinical settings. Worked in an established hospital where I could serve people with my experience, knowledge and skills for better growth and reputation of the firm.

Symposium And Congress :

2016 XVII th  İnternational Rheumatology Congress

2015 XXI İnternational Oncology Congress

2015 İnternational Experimental Hematology  Congress

2015 Ege Hematology Oncology Congress

2015 Hmophilia Case Education Symposium

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