Exp. Dr. Mehmet Bahadır Savaş

Departments Anesthesia and Reanimation
Locations İzmir Tınaztepe University Private Buca Hospital Tınaztepe Buca Medical Center

1987 - 1993 : Ege University Faculty of Medicine

1997 - 2002 : Pamukkale University Anesthesiology and Reanimation Department, Specialization Training

1993 - 1994 Compulsory Service, Tokat Erbaa

1994 - 1997 Eşrefpaşa Tuberculosis Dispensary

2002 - 2012 ER-PA Private Denizli Hospital, Operating Room and Intensive Care Physician, Deputy Chief Physician, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

2012 - Private Tinaztepe Hospital


1998 “Non Profit Organization For International Reconstructive Surgery” Interplast regional anesthesia applications

2000 Ministry of Health Neonatal Resuscitation Program Trainer

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