Prof. Dr. Gürhan Günaydın(Konsültan H.)

Departments Urology
Locations İzmir Tınaztepe University Private Buca Hospital

1974 - 1980 : Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, ANKARA

1981 - 1984 : Ege University, Department of Urology, Specialization Training, İZMİR

1984 - 1985 : İzmir Mevki Hospital

1986 - 1989 : Tokat Turhal State Hospital

1989 - 1991 : Izmir Yesilyurt State Hospital

1991 - 2011 : Ege University Hospital

2011 - : Private Tinaztepe Hospital

Professional Courses:He works intensively on all issues concerning urology, but especially on urooncology.

Courses Attended as a Trainer Recently

Ankara Urooncology Course

Urooncology Congress

Turkish Urology Association Qualification Board Training Course

Turkish Urology Association Spring Meetings

Urooncology School

Association of Urological Surgery Regional Meetings

Andrology Association Regional Meeting

Conferences :

Speeches at many meetings for Urologists and the public on all Urological issues, but especially Urooncology.

People's Congresses

Information Conferences in Private Societies

Urooncology Association Meetings

Turkish Urology Association Congress and Regional Meetings

Urological Surgery Association Meetings

Aegean Urology Association Meetings

Association of Urological Surgery Aegean Branch Meetings


Articles published in more than 100 domestic and foreign journals in his studies in the Department of Urology, which he has continued for more than 30 years. Papers and posters presented in national and international meetings.

In particular, one of the most important studies of the last period is a multicenter clinical study conducted under the umbrella of the Urooncology Association. This article was published in BJU INT.

Reliability of frozen section examination of obturatorlymphnodesandimpact on lymphnodedis section borders during radicalcystectomy: results of a prospective multicentrestudy by the turkishsociety of urooncology. baltaci s, adsan o, ugurlu o, lion g, can c, good morning g, buyukkalpelli r, elhan ah, beduk y. (February 2011)


Izmir Medical Chamber

Auditor member of the Association of Urological Surgery and Chairman of the Aegean Branch Board of Directors

Urooncology Association Honorary Board Member

Endourology Society

Pediatric Urology Association

Aegean Urology Association

European Association of Urology

American Urological Association

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