• Radiology


Tınaztepe Health Group Radiology Unit provides globally competitive, reliable and qualified service with experienced expert staff to protect the health of our patients, examine, analyze, diagnose and treat existing diseases.

Diseases can be treated in the best way, primarily by making the diagnosis in the best possible way. Our radiology department, which plays a major role in diagnosis, is equipped with the devices produced with the latest facilities of modern medical technology with this awareness. In order to protect and improve the health of our patients, we provide an effective, reliable and high-quality health service at world standards with our experienced expert staff.

In our Radiology Department, which is technically designed to meet all the requirements of modern medicine, with its experienced staff consisting of 1.5 T Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2 Detector Computed Tomography, Digital Flat Panel Angiography, Mammography, Digital X-ray and CR (computer x-ray) systems, advanced ultrasound devices and 2 radiologists. good and quality diagnosis and health services are offered to the patients.
Special thanks to the PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) system installed in our department, all radiological images obtained in the digital environment are sent, processed, reported and archived on a computer network. With our new reporting system consisting of the most advanced software and hardware PACS workstations in the world, we provide accurate, high quality and rapid radiological diagnostic services to both our patients and colleagues. Brain blood flow maps (perfusion examinations), stroke imaging (diffusion examinations), tumor and metabolic disease investigations (MR spectroscopy), mammography with superior image quality and resolution, digital radiography and CR systems providing higher quality and detailed images, higher resolution and quality Doppler reviews.
In addition, interventional radiology procedures can be performed under local or general anesthesia under the guidance of ultrasonography or computed tomography. Thin or thick needle biopsy procedures are performed for various organs (prostate, liver, breast, thyroid, etc.). In patients who are scheduled for surgery due to breast mass, pre-operative mammography or ultrasound-guided masses can be marked with wire or marking of the masses with breast markers.
In order to meet all the requirements of modern medicine, we provide our valued patients a good, high quality and fast health service with 24-hour continuous radiological diagnosis service. 

Imaging Devices in our Department:

     • Digital X-ray - DR (Direct Radiography) + CR (Computed Radiography) Technology
• Digital Mammography
• Digital Fluoroscopy
• Ultrasonography + Color Doppler Ultrasonography
• Magnetic Resonance (MR)
• Bone Densitometry
• Computed Tomography
• PACS (Image Archiving and Communication Systems)

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