• Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics

Tınaztepe Health Group Nutrition and Dietetics Unit provides an effective, reliable and high quality service at world standards in order to protect the health of our patients and examine, diagnose and treat their diseases with modern technological devices.

Tınaztepe Health Group Nutrition and Diet Specialists Pınar Ongun and Sevgi Ersoy Akça, who provide nutrition and diet consultancy in a wide range of areas from medical nutrition treatment in chronic diseases to vegetarian nutrition, from childhood to adulthood, serve all our inpatients and outpatient clinics.

Polyclinic Services in Nutrition and Dietetics Unit

• Obesity,

• Dietary treatment of diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, liver - kidney diseases, cancer and other diseases…),

• Childhood obesity,

• Child nutrition,

• Underweightness,

• Gestational diabetes,

• Nutrition during pregnancy - breast feeding,

• Sports nutrition,

• Detox programs,

• Vegetarian nutrition,

If you want to lead a healthy life, you need to have enough information about proper and balanced nutrition at every stage of your life. Tınaztepe Health Group Nutrition and Dietetic Specialists teach the scientific ways of staying healthy and say that when scientific and accurate information is reached, a healthy and quality life can be sustained.
Our Diet Specialists, who prepare a personalized nutrition plan, provide nutritional behavior change in people who come to teach healthy nutrition or who have any health problems. For this purpose, in the first examination, the nutritional habits of the individuals are reviewed in detail; body fat, visceral fat, weight and BMI. In line with blood findings, our specialists plan a personalized nutritional therapy which is health-protective and therapeutic and they follow diet regularly every 15 days. Weight loss of 1 to 1.5 per week is healthy for, but this value may increase or decrease depending on the weight that should be lost, metabolic rate and diseases. After reaching the target weight, the person is taken to the weight protection program.

Nutrition in Diseases: Nutritional therapies are planned for all patients receiving outpatient or inpatient services both in hospitals and outpatient clinics. As long as the patients stay in the hospital, their diets are regularly followed and studies are made to ensure that nutritional education is given regularly.

Diabetes Nutrition: The basis of diabetes treatment is healthy nutrition. In order to prevent the occurrence of complications of diabetes, to continue the treatment successfully and to improve the quality of life, the nutrition, training and follow-up is provided by the nutrition and diet specialist.

Gestational Diabetes: This is the diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. The purpose of the nutrition program to be implemented here is to provide the normal growth and development of the baby while meeting the nutritional requirements of the mother and to keep the blood sugar of the mother at the desired levels during the day.

Sports Nutrition: Sports is an activity that requires physical performance. In addition to regular training, it is important to have a healthy, regular and high quality food pattern in order to ensure the highest level of performance. Our Diet Specialists plan and follow the nutrition of the athlete by taking into consideration the sports branch, body composition measurement results, personal characteristics, and whether they are in the period of growth and development or not. They determine the nutritional needs of the athletes both during the training periods and before and after the race and arrange the nutrition program.

Pregnant-Breastfeeding Nutrition: Pregnancy and breastfeeding during the mother's regular and healthy nutrition is important for the health of the baby and mother. Ensuring that the mother does not gain excess weight during the pregnancy process and satisfying all the nutritional needs of the mother and the baby in an adequate and balanced manner eliminates many risks. Supporting high quality and adequate milk formation during breastfeeding is very important for the health of the baby. In addition, weight control of the mother during the breastfeeding period will be possible with a healthy diet plan. Nutrition and Diet experts plan nutrition, education and follow-up of mothers and expectant mothers during this period in the healthiest way.

Weight Gain Program: Body weight being less than the height of the individual is called underweightness. Weight gain can be as difficult as losing weight. A randomly selected calorie, low-nutritional diet plan should not be applied to gain weight. In order to achieve healthy weight, adequate and balanced nutrition therapy should be applied as in obesity. The nutritionist and dietician plan and follow the nutritional treatment appropriate to the health status, body composition measurements, personal and physical characteristics of the person. It is healthy to gain 0.5 - 1 kg per week.

Baby - Child - Adult Nutrition: To be healthy at any age, knowing the nutritional requirements of the current age and eating accordingly is essential. Trainings and follow-ups are provided to determine the nutritional needs of each age group individually, to change the misdiagnosed and applied nutritional habits and to obtain the correct nutritional habits.

Childhood Obesity: Child and adolescent obesity is an increasing problem. The majority of individuals who are obese in childhood are obese in their adulthood too. It is not appropriate for children and adolescents to make low calorie diets because they are in the growing age. The child is taught how and why he / she can make healthy food choices. 0.5 kg loss per week and even weight preservation are acceptable in this period.

Child Nutrition: Apart from obesity, nutritional programs that are suitable for children and adolescents are determined during the growth and development period. Healthy nutrition education is provided.

Inpatients: One of the most important tasks of the nutrition and diet department is to carry out the nutritional treatments of the inpatients and to prepare the menus that will be included in the nutritional treatment in the inpatient wards determined by the doctor and / or dietician.

In addition, they prepare the nutritional treatments of inpatients in accordance with the directives of their doctors, arrange the diets of all by-pass and valve patients during discharge and provides nutrition trainings. In other patients, in accordance with the request of the doctor or patient, they prepare the nutrition program in consultation with the patient.

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