• Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Tınaztepe Health Group Internal Medicine Unit provides world-class service to protect the health of our patients and examine, analyze, diagnose and treat existing diseases.

Internal Medicine department conducts investigations regarding internal organ systems of the individuals who passed childhood. It provides diagnosis and treatment services regarding dysfunctions of the organs of this system. On the other hand, it raises awareness of each individual whom it provided services to, about measures to be taken for protecting oneself from diseases.

Tınaztepe Hospital Internal Medicine Specialists keep rehabilitating their patients with working coordinately with other branches on the treatments of the diseases.

Diseases We Treat and Diagnose in our Department

     • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
     • Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol and/or high triglycerides)
     • Diabetes mellitus
     • Gestational diabetes
     • Thyroid diseases (goiter thyroid nodules hypothyroid hyperthyroid)
     • Obesity (adiposity)  and metabolism disorders
     • Lung diseases
     • Internal kidney and urinary tract disorders
     • Gastrointestinal, intestinal, liver, gallbladder and pancreas diseases
     • Blood disorders
     • Infectious Diseases

Hypertension It is a disease that is very common among adults above the age of 40. It may be detected incidentally on persons that do not have complaints or may show symptoms such as headache, weakness, nervosity, and nausea. It is easy to treat and follow up once diagnosed, but it may cause serious problems, such as heart attack, cerebral hemorrhage, and renal failure, if not treated. Diet and regular medication are important for treatment. If particularly immediate family members have hypertension, it is recommended to get your blood pressure checked at regular intervals.

It is the state of blood lipids to be above normal levels. Does not cause any complaints, but symptoms in accordance with relevant organ may present when damage inflicted in heart, brain or other organs (stroke, heart attack, etc..). Cholesterol or triglyceride levels in blood or both of them might be high. Treatment planning is conducted considering the age, gender of the patient, coexisting diseases, hereditary diseases. Diet also has a big part in treating hyperlipidemia. If there are individuals in your family that have hyperlipidemia, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, it is recommended to get your blood lipids checked at regular intervals. 

Diabetes Mellitus
According to recent researches, one out of every five-person over the age of 30 has diabetes mellitus. Fast food diet, stressful life, physical inactivity, increase of obesity are major factors for the disease to become widespread. Diabetes has several types and when diagnosed, individually prepared treatment plans should be conducted considering the metabolic status of the patient. The role of the diet is as important as medication. Carbohydrate metabolism disorder that we called insulin resistance occurs approximately 10 years before the diagnosis of diabetes. If it is not treated it progresses to diabetes insipidus and then to diabetes mellitus. If the disorder is detected within this process before the diabetes diagnosis, diabetes can be prevented with proper treatment. A person who has family members with diabetes, who has gestational diabetes, who gave birth to a baby over 4000 gr, who has obesity should get their blood sugar checked at regular intervals.

Thyroid diseases
Mostly these are the problems diagnosed incidentally when individuals applied to hospitals for other reasons. An individual who gains weight even though their dietary habits are unchanged or cannot lose weight even though they are on a diet, who has complaints of fatigue, lassitude, short temper, or who has people in their family that have thyroid history should get their thyroid function tests done. Follow up and treatment of thyroid diseases become crucial in the event of pregnancy intend or during pregnancy.

It was a problem of developed countries until quite recently but now it has become a serious health issue in our country as well. One of every 3 men, one of every 2-3 women has the risk of obesity. Along with causing serious health problems such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, gallbladder diseases, lung diseases, susceptibility to some cancer types, it is also an aesthetic problem that might ruin the persons' psychological balance... Today, the disease can be brought under control with proper diet and medication.

Acute and chronic lung diseases
Follow up and treatment takes place at our clinic and they are administered coordinately with pulmonary diseases clinic if required.

Acute and chronic renal failure
Diagnosis and treatment of renal and urinary tract infections, hypertension and diabetic renal diseases are done at our clinic and in cooperation with urology and nephrology clinics when required.

Digestive system diseases
Liver and gallbladder diseases and pancreas diseases are evaluated in our clinics and after essential workups completed, treatment planning and follow up are conducted coordinately with gastroenterology or general surgery clinics in accordance with the progression of the disease.

Blood disorders
Particularly workup and treatment of iron deficiency anemia that is very common in our country, medical researches regarding other anemias with other reasons, bleeding and coagulation disorders, etc blood disorders are conducted and coordination is ensured with hematology clinic.

Infectious Diseases
Microbiological workups and treatments of common infections such as lung, renal, soft tissue intestines.

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