• Eye Diseases

Eye Diseases

Tınaztepe Health Group Eye Diseases Department provides globally competitive, reliable and qualified service with experienced expert staff to protect the health of our patients, examine, analyze, diagnose and treat existing diseases.

Eye Diseases Department provides services for diagnosing and treating eye diseases of all ages with an expert staff and using modern technology.

Treatments Administered in Eye Clinic

      • Cataract Surgery
      • Glaucoma Surgery 
      • Strabismus Surgery
      • Pterygium Surgery(Surfer’s Eye)   
      • Lacrimal Surgery
      • Oculoplastic Surgery
      • Argon Laser Treatment
      • Yag Laser Treatment
      • SLT Laser Treatment
      • Intravitreal Injection (Macular degeneration and edema)
      • Tumor Excision
      • Contact lens  
      • Orthoptic Treatment
      • Lazy Eye and ve Neurovision Treatment
      • Keratoconus Treatment 
      • Ocular Prosthesis
      • Premium lenses in cataract surgery

Eye Unit Diagnostic Tools

      • Optic Coherence Tomography (OCT)
      • Examination Units
      • Biomicoscope
      • Optical Biometry 
      • Ophthalmometer,
      • Phoropter
      • Digital Lensmeter
      • Chart Projector
      • Keratometer
      • Air-Puff Tonometry
      • Goldman Tonometry
      • Pachymetry
      • Computer Visual Field
      • Neurilemma Analysis
      • Ultrasonography 
      • Ultrasonic biometry
      • Plusoptix Pediatric Vision Screening

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