• Dermatology


Tınaztepe Health Group Dermatology Unit provides globally competitive, reliable and qualified service with experienced specialist staff to protect the health of our patients, examine, analyze, diagnose and treat existing diseases.

Dermatology (Skin diseases) Unit; is the medical science of diagnosing and treating diseases affecting the skin, hair, nails, oral mucosa and sexually transmitted diseases. Along with the technological advancement, Dermatology Clinic did not only provide medical services bu also started to respond to the cosmetic demand of the individuals. Diagnosing and treating diseases of both adults and children in the Dermatology Unit of our hospital are carried out using modern technological methods in the view of current scientific data.

Service units of our dermatology clinic;
      • Basic Dermatology
     • Laser unit (Telangiectasia treatment) 
     • Skin, hair and nails analysis unit
     • Cosmetic Dermatology(Chemical peeling, skincare, etc.)
     • Allergic Skin Diseases (Skin patch-skin prick tests )
     • Dermato-oncology
     • Interventional dermatology
     • Venereology (Sexually transmitted diseases)
     • Department of describing and following pigmented lesions (Nevus (Mole) Dermoscopy unit)
     • Sun-related skin diseases. Sun protection methods
Some diseases treated in our dermatology clinic:
     • Acne (Pimple) treatment
     • Perioral dermatitis (rash involving the skin around the mouth)
     • Allergic eczema and irritant contact dermatitis
     • Urticaria (Hives) diagnosis and treatment
     • Congenital and genetic skin disorders
     • Hair and nail diseases
     • Ingrown toenail, fungal nail infections
     • General hair loss and hair problems
     • Hirsutism
     • Diseases related to sweating (excessive, localized and odorous sweating, etc.)
     • Skin disorders arising from outer physical sources such as sun, heat, cold
     • Psoriasis 
     • Congenital or acquired moles
     • Warts (venereal and the ones developing on other body areas) 
     • Skin cancers
     • Vocational skin diseases
     • Skincare and skin disorders during pregnancy
     • Neonatal skin care and skin disorders
     • Skincare and skin disorders in the elderly
     • Contagious and exanthematous skin disorders
     • Skin disorders accompanying psychological problems
     • General pruritic diseases

Some dermatological implementations performed in our dermatology clinic;

Biopsy: It might be necessary to conduct biopsy for diagnostic purposes in skin disorders. A biopsy is generally conducted using a 4-5 diameter punch biopsy tool without the need for stitches via local anesthesia.
Cryotherapy: It is treating lesions by freezing them. Very good results can be obtained with this method of treating many diseases. The advantages of this treatment that is easy to apply by experienced hands are patients responding in a short time, low side effects and low cost.  Areas cryotherapy is most frequently used are; warts (verrucae), skin tags, solar lentigines (sunspot, age spot), vascular lesions such as telangiectasia-spider nevi, some precancerous lesions, and skin cancers.
Electrocauterization: Electrocauterization is the process of transforming electricity into heat energy and treating lesions that destruct tissues by “burning”. Execution areas are treating warts (verrucae), papillomas (skin tags), some precancerous lesions and extracting some small tumors.

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