• Cardiology Intensive Care

Cardiology Intensive Care

Tınaztepe Health Group Cardiology Intensive Care Unit provides globally competitive, reliable and qualified service with experienced expert staff to protect the health of our patients, and to examine, analyze, diagnose and treat existing diseases.

The duty of the Cardiovascular Surgery (CVS) Intensive Care Unit is to continuously monitor and support the vital functions of patients who have or will undergo cardiovascular surgery.

Cardiovascular Surgery (CVS) Intensive Care Units are a department designed to closely monitor critical heart diseases that usually occur suddenly and will cause the patient to die if no treatment/procedure is performed. Patients who are at serious risk of heart disease need to be closely monitored continuously and the slightest change in vital signs should be identified and intervened immediately.

Tınaztepe Health Group was established in the Cardiovascular Surgery (CVS) Intensive Care Unit in such a way that it could respond to this need as quickly as possible. The Cardiovascular Surgery (CVS) Intensive Care Unit of our hospital provides 24-hour uninterrupted service with our interventional cardiologist and our team of two specialists.

Tınaztepe Health Group Coronary Intensive Care Unit who suffered a heart attack, heart attack, which is threatened by heart attack and rhythm problems that require support or who require rhythm disorder needs to be intervened, such as hospitalized for the treatment of existing non-cardiac disorders and patients whose cardiac care needs to be closely monitored during these treatments are supported in this unit until the general condition of those requiring long-term care is improved. In addition, patients who have undergone cardiac surgery are usually taken to the Coronary Intensive Care Unit for 2 days to experience their healing and recovery processes.

The central oxygen system in our coronary intensive care unit is designed in the best way for our patients. In the electrophysiology room in our unit, temporary batteries can be applied to the patients in need. Patients in need of respiratory support are closely monitored by connecting to artificial respirators at any time. Angio, angioplasty, and stenting are performed in patients with coronary artery disease who have had a heart attack or have been delivered to our hospital.

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