Prof. Dr. Tayfun Altınok

Departments Radiology
Locations Tınaztepe Buca Hospital

Degree       Department      Program University  Year

Undergraduate   Faculty of Medicine   Ankara University   1993

Ph.D./S. Proficiency/ Specialization in Medicine Department of Radiodiagnostics Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital    1996

1997 - 1998 : Ardahan Military Hospital

1999 - 2001 : Van State Hospital

2001 - 2006 : İnönü University Faculty of Medicine, MALATYA

2006 - : Private Tinaztepe Hospital, IZMIR

2006 - : Buca Medical Center, IZMIR

Managed PhD thesis / Proficiency in Art:

S. Doğanay, “The role of MR Spectroscopy in the differentiation of benign and malignant soft tissue and bone tumors” İnönü University Faculty of Medicine, Specialization Thesis (2005)

Position Title                                  Position                                                     Year

Lecturer Faculty of Medicine,           İnönü University,                                      August 2001-2002

Assist.Prof.Dr. Faculty of Medicine,    İnönü University                                  August 2002-2005

Associate Professor of Medicine,      İnönü University,                                     April 2005-2006

Turkish Radiology Association

Medical Ultrasonography Association

Turkish Magnetic Resonance Association

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